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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

2nd, 3rd, 4th Classes Opposed to the Masses

This is a big week in politics for me.  A BIG week.  Big.  H.U.G.E.
(I promise, if you suffer through this, I'll put a bunch of awesome pretty pictures at the end for those who hate reading...)

However, I find myself really feeling more and more depressed about the entire process now.  When I first became extremely active in political causes and social issues, I was an idealist.  I don't even mean back when I had a mohawk and "Meat is Murder" was plastered all over my old car's bumper as I went to rallies and concerts around Rutgers campuses in my combat boots and Laura Ashley dresses with headscarves.  No, I was a complete moron back then.  Don't get me wrong - I had AWESOME intentions.  I just didn't know very much, and allowed myself to be herded into causes like so much cattle and sheep. I mean in the recent span of the past 10 years.  Lisa and I have been really working hard, behind the scenes on grass roots levels all over the place to make our voices heard in battles ranging from Immigration, to the Repeal of DOMA, to the fight against DADT (and enjoyed marching right along side of Lt. Dan Choi for that one!) and so much more.

Today, I heard on NPR (one of the only news sources I really listen to anymore) that access to the hearings on Marriage (that the entire nation is incorrectly deeming "Gay Marriage") is a ticketed event, and people have been camping out all weekend for it.  My heart leapt with joy, thinking that it was an awesome aspect of our legal system to allow a first come basis for seats to a hearing that REALLY affected people's lives.  Then the story became about how those spots were primarily occupied by persons who have zero interest in the case, and will never go to the event.  They are PAID to stand in line and secure tickets for interest groups who can't stand there for themselves.  NOM, AFA, and other Anti-SSM proponents and hate groups rack up tickets and then fill those seats with heavily weighed opinions on the floor of the court.  My heart sank.  Really?  Even in this venue?  Yep.  I assume the same might be true for the SSM advocates, but that wasn't on before I had to leave the car.

So it made me think... YEARS of my life, fighting with due diligence for what's fair, just, and right.  I've been so busy fighting that I'd forgotten that my fight - a fight bigger than me - was something that shouldn't even be BROUGHT to a court or to a vote.  This isn't about whether or not you approve of any other lifestyle than yours, or if one particular religion's tomes might reference it as a negative.  The entire issue is about equal rights for ALL citizens of this country.  MY country.  The United States.  I pledge to it wholeheartedly.  I pay my taxes.  I vote for representation.  I am a human being, living in this country.  The issues before the court are not issues to be voted upon.  They are already in our constitutional rights to be treated equally.  Marriage is a right for everyone.  Not just some.

This work that Lisa and I have been doing is all such agonizing work to fight the ILLUSION that there should be a vote or a choice.  Strip the issue down, remove religious perception (because in law, it's a separation of Church and State, no matter your state and no matter your church preference), remove the dogma of the weighted "Political supporters" who will be in the seats, staring down the Justices, and remove the stigma our nation has created for anyone perceived as "different from the major 99%".  It's all smoke and mirrors, just like the argument over a woman's right to choose for herself and her own body, making informed choices with her healthcare professionals and if she wishes - between that woman and her god of choice.  The idea that anyone - especially groups of predominantly white male legislators - and pass a law and strip that decision right out of the hands of these women is disgusting.  Both of these examples clearly show a tiered system, almost an animal hierarchy that insinuates and actually creates lesser citizens and greater citizens.  There are 2nd, 3rd, 4th classes opposed to the masses.  Also, the ridiculous argument that [gays] want "special" rights when fighting for marriage or other rights.  They aren't special.  They are the same ones you have, but we want them also.

Although we have our lives riding on these Supreme Court decisions, and we have no choice but to abide by them and continue to fight for equality, I'm just hoping that sanity will intervene and we will all be represented to each other as fellow human beings.  As equals.  As Brothers, and As Sisters.  We are all the same on the inside.  I'd like to think people could see past the cover of my book, because inside, they'd find a gorgeous story they might relate to.

EQUALITY.  LOVE.  PEACE.  COMPASSION.   Let's live the dream.


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