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Friday, October 19, 2012

In Snark I Trust

        The State of NJ recently switched to a placard-style temporary license plate for newly purchased vehicles, making them more clearly visible to law enforcement, and forcing dealers to be more accountable for inventory.  I'm sure you've seen them around, they are in the license plate spot and usually begin with "the letters "A, B, C, and F""(© Sesame Street).  Why is this relevant?  Because, I think it's important to #BlameObama for all of this new car and economic growth stuff going on. 

      It seems that I am surrounded by new vehicles on the road.  Everywhere I turn my head, there is another one.  F**king #BlameObama.  Why do people have to be in a bit of an economic upswing?  I was really enjoying the huge recession/depression that the previous 8 years made so dependable and concrete.  I see old beater cars that plume exhaust into the air going by and I have to say to myself "Thank the Good Lord for Mitt Romney, who will be determined to get us back to the dependable slump and (lack of) economy I knew so well and enjoyed before Obama got his liberal, deficit cutting and economy building Kenyan hands on it."  I HATE this oozing optimism that's creeping back into the country.  This "Can Do" attitude that is infiltrating my nostrils with the stank of hope as people assess where they are and see the light at the end of the recession tunnel.  WAKE UP PEOPLE!  Wyle E. Romney will right this erroneous path, and assure us that the light we think we see, can be the headlamp of an oncoming extremist right wing train on track to plow through the middle class and render us hopeless serfs to the Mittocracy.  I for one LOVE knowing I can live a beaten down existence where larger than life people with none of my own values dictate what I can and cannot do.  It takes away all of that frightful uncertainty that comes with "Free Will" and "Choice". 

      And this current trend under the President continues! Every time you see one of those shiny new cars that roll off the assembly lines of hard working Americans, or cars built with the combined efforts of several plants and technologies that spread a ripple effect from creating jobs to buying vehicles you can afford - just think to yourself as I do #F**kingBlameObama.  Rejoice as the breaking down minivan passes you on the highway with an exasperated mother is hauling her kids to schools (that might have those pesky overpaid teachers in them!) hoping not to break down.  Those are the true patriotic Americans under the proposed Romney/Ryan administration.  If you were meant to have better working cars, surely the money would have trickled down to you for it.  Sure, your cars are driving around next to Cadillacs and Porsche SUVs driven by the elite, but remember, they need the poor to succeed *IF* you are going to benefit from their benevolent trickling!  Do your part!  In the meantime, I'm happy to blame the surge in New Cars being bought to #F**kingBlameObama and his annoying growth policies. 

My name is Barbara, and I approved this ranting message.

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