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Friday, December 9, 2011

Vanilla Chai Tea, How I Love Thee! -A Guest Post from Christy Cole Quast

I have recently discovered (much to my already calorically-challenged dismay) Dunkin Donuts Vanilla Chai tea at my local DD near my office. Their mint hot chocolate is good, too--and nothing beats the SBUX Peppermint Mocha Latte, but I am here to talk about Dunkin. Seems that this delightfully sinful & seasonal hot beverage only comes in a Medium size. Do I look like a Medium gal to you?

So this morning I asked my guy, Raj, what was up with that--how come I can't get a large, or an extra-large--because I love them so much? So he shrugs and says matter-of-factly "so you buy another one when that one is done." That is a brilliant, almost dumber-than-a-bag-of-hammers marketing ploy, but I have to say it works! They're $2.50 each and I get 2 per day (WHAT?! Don't judge me!) so they got me there.

I think to myself, I don't want to make the trip TWICE, and I don't want to buy 2 Medium cups to have on my desk while I drink one, and have the other one sitting all alone, cooling... depressed.

Why oh Why Can't I Be LARGE!?!
 So I decide to proposition Raj: will 2 Mediums fit in a Large cup? I'll pay for 2 Mediums, just put them in the same cup; Raj says it won't fit. *exaggerated eye-roll*

Then I ask, OK how about a Medium and a Small together in a Large cup; Raj says but we only sell Medium. *forehead slap*

I explain, yes, I know that--I will give you $6 (keep the change) if you just fill a Large cup with Vanilla Chai and charge me for 2 separate Mediums; Raj smiles and talks to me like I talk to my 4th grader--enunciating clearly, loudly and S-L-O-W-L-Y so I have a better chance at comprehending what he is trying to say: BUT THEY ONLY COME IN MEDIUM. *feels a migraine coming on*

Of course, this is 8:15am this morning, and the line was getting longer. And before the woman behind me could gouge my eyes out with one of those sharp plastic coffee stirrers, I capitulated and admitted defeat; Raj has won this round, but I'll be back tomorrow to try and wear him down. Oh yes--I recognize a challenge when I see one; you'd better brew with one eye open, Raj because I'M COMING FOR YOU!


Lisa, the Crafty Alien. said...

Why don't you just bring a cup that is large enough to contain both tasty and delicious beverages? You can then be BOTH environmental AND over-indulgent.

Amy said...

Starbucks has vanilla chai and its better and it comes in a venti (which is large for you d&d people) and iced in a trenta which is their newest huge 31 ounce only iced size.... A three pee drink if you will.

Prodip said...

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sohel rana said...

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keisha stokes said...

I Love Love Love DD vanilla chai! Starbucks has some really nice beverages, but chai isn't one of them. I even convienced a manager to sell me a few packets, well, I tried to pay for them...but I got them for free. It would be awesome to beable to buy purchase them online... Maybe oneday. Love my DD's chai.